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Restricted Custody Center

The Restricted Custody Center is a facility designed to house male state inmates.  The inmates in this facility are mainly Class C and D non-violent felons.  Many of its inmates participate in community work programs throughout Campbell and Kenton county. Sgt. Zachary Smith is the RCC Coordinator.

The front entrance of the Restricted Custody Center.

This facility is approved by the Kentucky Department of Corrections to house inmates who have been sentenced to state time.  The majority of the inmates housed in this facility are non-violent offenders and may work in the community doing various projects such as painting fire hydrants and picking up garbage.

Driver Intervention Program

The Driver Intervention Program (DIP) was recently organized.  This is a court ordered program where DUI or alcohol related offenders spend time in the RCC.  The program is specifically designed to allow the offenders to maintain their current jobs while simultaneously participating in alcohol information sessions.

Community Service Program

Inmates housed in the Restricted Custody Center are involved in assisting county agencies with their projects.  Inmates effectively work alongside county employees in various jobs.  These pictures are a result of work done by Restricted Custody inmates.

Landscaping completed with the assistance of Restricted Custody inmates.

More landscaping by Restricted Custody inmates.

Gazebo to be built with the help of Restricted Custody inmates.

Completed gazebo


Last Updated 1/31/2013