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Current Administration

James A. Daley             Jailer

B.J Champagne            Chief Deputy

Cathy Steele                  Office Manager

Gracy Nagel                   Major

History of the Campbell County Detention Center

The Campbell County Detention is located at 601 Central Avenue, Newport, Kentucky.  The current facility was built in 1991 with a design capacity of 135 inmates. Prior to the building of this facility, county prisoners were housed at the Court house located on York Street in Newport.

As the population of our area grew, the county administration realized the need for construction of the current facility.  The facility was initiated under the following administration:

Kenneth  Paul County Judge Executive
David E. Otto Commissioner
Raymond A. Beiting Commissioner 1986 - 1989
Rose M. Beiting Commissioner 1989 - 1990
William J. Verst Commissioner
Roland T. Vories Commissioner
Paul H. Twehues, Jr. County Attorney
Earl L. Ping Jailer
Edward S. Pendery Deputy Judge Executive

Construction was completed in two years.  At that time, the jail served all the needs of the county. 

Jail population has grown rapidly and the county inmate population has grown to over 200 inmates.  The county has had to pay to house prisoners in other facilities outside Campbell County.  In 2003 a jail consultant was hired to assess our needs.

In 2004 Campbell County devised a five-phase effort to meet the future needs of housing inmates.

Phase One

The first phase included construction of the 124-bed Restricted Custody Center.  This facility became operational in April 2005.  The Restricted Custody Center (RCC) houses Class C and Class D Community Service inmates using direct supervision.

Phase Two

Phase Two was the construction of a larger kitchen and laundry facility designed to serve a facility with over 700 beds.  The kitchen and laundry were complete and opened in December 2005.

Phase Three

This included renovating the former kitchen and laundry space into a medical ward and redesigning the old booking area into a passive booking area.  The sally port was also reconstructed to provide additional space for transportation vehicles. The sally port and new passive booking area were opened January 2007.

Phase Four

Phase four consists of the construction of a 256 bed secure addition using direct supervision.  Ground breaking ceremonies were conducted on March 31, 2006.  This addition opened in May of 2007.

Phase Five

The fifth and final phase is still being finalized.


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