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Thank you to Johnson Elementary School

Thank you to the students of Johnson Elementary School who participated in their annual Kentucky History Wax Museum project and raised money for K9 Layco!!

Students were displayed as wax museum figures such as Daniel Boone, Abraham Lincoln and George Clooney.  The students remained motionless until a visitor to the museum dropped a coin into their donation can, at that point, the wax figure came to life and shared historical information about the figure they were portraying.

Donations for Campbell County Police Dogs totaled $549.39!!

Temporary Entrance during Construction

During construction the door behind the arch will be closed.  Please use the door between the fence and the yellow post to enter the building.  You will be able to access visitation, commissary and phone machines via this door.

Release of Inmate Funds

If you were incarcerated and are due a refund of money, your check will be available to you the next business day after your release by 2pm.  Please remember, if you owe a debt to the jail, that debt will be subtracted from any refund you will receive. 

In the event that checks must be mailed to you, they will be mailed to the address we have on record for you.  IF you feel we have the wrong address, please call 859-431-4611 and ask to speak to the ADMIN office.

Change in Money Order procedure.
  • Money orders

    Beginning June 23, 2014, ALL money orders are to be made out to the Campbell County Detention Center. On the memo line, please write the inmate's name and DOB, social or jacket number. The money order will be added to the inmate's account and a receipt will be placed in the envelope to be delivered with the mail to show the inmate the money was received and added. Please remember, all booking fees MUST be paid off for money to be available for commissary.

    Any money order received on or after July 14, 2014 that is made out to the inmate, will be returned to sender along with the original mail enclosed.

    All money orders can only be received by U.S. mail, FedEx or UPS.It is recommended for those purchasing the money orders that they maintain a copy of the money order along with their receipts for your records.

  • CCDC Job openings

    Applications can be printed or filled out by going to the link on the left named "Information" then click the link marked "CCDC Jobs" the application is on the top right side of the page.

    The completed applications can be dropped off to 600 Columbia Newport, KY  Mon-Fri between the hours of 8am and 4pm (excluding holidays) or you can email them to

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